Lead Channel TV Standard Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Applicable to all Lead Channel TV Contracts

These terms are based on Law and any variation of these terms agreed between the company and the client will be confirmed in writing. These terms shall be deemed to have effect from the time of the first work undertaken by the company


The Company: Paul Nolan Media Marketing LLC T/A Lead Channel TV
The Client: Any client of Paul Nolan Media Marketing LLC T/A Lead Channel TV
The Contract: Lead Channel TV Advertising Contract

1. Services
The company shall provide the services as shall be agreed between the parties and set down in our contract

2. Website
The company will publish in any company owned websites only sponsored links and advertisements approved by the company. The period of time the advertisement appears on the websites will be for a minimum period of time as specified and agreed in the contract although the company reserves the right to continue to publish such advertisements for an additional period as decided by the company from time to time unless specifically agreed otherwise.

3. Production Materials
The company may charge for photography, images, creative artwork, performers' fees, music, voiceover, studio facilities, relevant industry and television regulatory standards approval, post production editing and Clearcast approval. In the event that production material is supplied by the client then in such a case the client will need to confirm the all such material does not infringe any copyright laws and that any material supplied will have the necessary copyright permission from the originator of the material. The client will hold the company harmless in the event of any copyright infringement on material supplied by the client.

4. Video
Video produced by the company will be provided to the client in the form of a completed work in a Lead Channel TV branded video player. The original file and component parts will not be made available to the client and will remain the property of the company.

5. Video Production
The standard process for video production will include a telephone interview and scriptwriting. The first draft of the script will be sent to the client for approval and whenever necessary all reasonable changes and edits will be made to arrive at a mutually agreeable "final script" which once approved by the client will be sent to the voiceover artist for recording. Once the script has been approved by the client any subsequent changes required by the client to the script will be charged at the company hourly rate for production work. Once the final video has been produced including voiceover, music, graphics and images and sent to the client for approval any and all required changes required by the client to any images, graphics or music must be confirmed in total to enable all such changes to be made in one studio session, any subsequent changes not mentioned in the first edit request will be charged by the company at the standard hourly rate for such work.

6. Internet Marketing
The company may work promoting the client's business online and the client hereby acknowledges that online results are dependent upon not only the work of the company but many other factors that are outside the control of the company and as such it is not possible to guarantee specific results

7. Copyright
The client hereby grants to the company a non-exclusive licence to use video footage produced under agreement for the company's marketing and self promotion purposes only. The copyright in all advertisements, presentations, ideas, design work, preliminary and finished work produced by the company or to its order belongs to the company.

8. Terms of Payment
As agreed between the parties and set down in the contract

9. The Fees
The client shall pay the fees set out in the contract. Where the services are varied by the agreement of the parties and this variation affects the fees payable the parties shall agree in advance of the variation to the services being commenced an appropriate adjustment to such fees. Fees paid for production work are non-refundable

10. Refund policy
All fees paid to the company is non-refundable unless previously agreed in writing. The only case in which a refund may be considered is when no third party expenses have been incurred and no production work has been done in such a case then an administration fee of 10% will deducted to cover administration costs.

11. Dealings with Third Parties
The company acts as a principle at law and not as the agent of the client in all its dealings with suppliers in respect of the client's business. Unless otherwise stated the company's contracts with suppliers for the client's business are made in accordance with standard and/or individual conditions and contracts. Such standard or individual conditions and contracts shall be deemed to be incorporated in full in the contract. The rights and liabilities between the company and the client shall correspond to those between the company and various suppliers.

12. Air Time The company may be required from time to time purchase advertising slots on various television channels in the UK on behalf of a client and will agree schedules and times with the respective television channels either directly or indirectly through a third party media buying agent. The specific times and slots agreed for the television advertisements will be subject to change and the final decision regarding placing of advertisements, the timing, the selection of channels, and the number of slots will be a decision solely for the company and the client hereby agrees to abide by any such decision made by the company. 13. Advertising Standards
The company abides by rulings of the Advertising Standards Practice, the British Code of Sales Promotion Practice, the British Code of Advertising Practice and the IBA code of Advertising Standards and Practice for Radio and Television and other codes of advertising standards laid down by voluntarily organizations and OFCOM to ensure that all advertising placed by the company is legal, honest, decent and truthful. In order to satisfy these requirements and in the interests of the client, the company and the public, the client agrees to provide the company without delay with objective, factual evidence, if so required, in support of any product claims it wishes the company to make. In the event that Clearcast approval cannot be achieved fees charged for air time will be refunded. In the event that Clearcast approval is obtained but subsequently withdrawn due to misleading or untrue factual evidence provided by the client concerning their company, product or services then no fees will be refunded

Registered Office

Paul Nolan Media Marketinc LLC
Trading as Lead Channel TV
108 West 13th St,
Delaware 19801