Video SEO

Lead Channel TV video on your website will become heavily indexed and ranked quickly.

Lead Channel TV VSEO options offer you additional ways to optimise your keywords and phrases. By adding content relevant to these and combined with the videos, they will add weight to your site and help lift its presence on the major search engines.

We share the video on many internet video and online TV websites without any duplicate content penalties for your site. By embedding videos in your website we increase the stickiness factor of your pages, which will boost both traffic and search rankings for your business.

Google and most search engines use a variety of methods to determine the ranking importance of a specific page on your website. For example, the average time a visitor spends on a website page can be increased by embedding a video and Google will recognise these longer page visits consequently Increasing your organic ranking.

Videos help in adding new, fresh and dynamic content to the site.

With Lead Channel TV's VSEO package options, your video will be rapidly listed on Page One of the organic search engines which will generate more leads and enquiries.

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