The Real Estate Industry Marketing News
The monumental collapse of property prices has scored a direct hit on the world’s economy and the fallout has been unprecedented. Real estate agencies are failing by the day as purchasers go to ground and property developers are closing their doors as they lose the support of their banks. Those that remain in business are battening down their financial hatches and cutting their marketing budgets to the bare minimum.

But to just where are those reduced budgets being directed? In some cases they are being ploughed back into the traditional marketing areas such as newspapers and magazines. Why? That’s anyone's guess. They are expensive, have a short shelf life and can soak up budgets quicker than a sponge on water. Those agents still utilising that media form are more likely to join their failed peers than generate new business.

On-line marketing has swiftly come to the fore as the likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN and Twitter capture the attention of an ever growing clientele which already number multi-millions.

And Google is leading the way.

And Google is tapping into your diminished budgets too.

Have you – or indeed, are you – paying them through pay-per-click?

Are you still paying an expensive SEO company to try and get you onto Google Page 1?

Are you paying for leads still?

Are property portals hoovering up your limited budgets and still passing any leads generated to your competitors as well as you?

Have you been using mailing lists to attract new customers or blogs to inform your target market of information you consider helpful?

Whilst bearing in mind that you are one of thousands of real estate businesses around the world to which the above applies, if the answer to any of those questions is yes then you must ask yourself these.

• Have any of them really produced the results you expected?

• Have you managed to establish deeper, long lasting relationship with your target market?

• Have you grown your brand awareness in the minds of any potential client?

• Is your blog visited on regular occasions?

• Just how much time, money and effort does it take you to achieve all this?

• How often do all those marketing techniques produce positive results worth all the costs you incur on a daily basis?

Does any of the above set you apart from your competitors?

And, probably the most important question of all:

How much trust have you managed to establish in the buyer’s and seller’s minds so that they remember you and your brand name?

Trust is essential for developing long lasting, productive relationships that can bring you continuous and growing business?

In the present market slump generating more leads is crucial for the survival of any real estate business.

The most cost effective lead generator of all is an affordable on-line tailor-made video. And we are not just talking leads – you get more – you get contacted by pre-qualified customers who, by watching your video and learning about you, already have more trust in you and your product by the time you are talking to them and establishing their needs.

And the ultimate:

You not only add value to your brand and your name as a real estate agent broker or developer but are the first to be clicked on since the video leaps off Page 1 in the form of a thumbnail picture, immediately attracting the attention of the viewer – your potential customer! .

And the benefits of video don't stop there either!

By adding links to your website or any of the powerful video sharing sites operating on the World Wide Web, your video would feature in e-mails sent to your mailing list. Recent research showed nearly 70% of people clicked on videos they received in their e-mails, thus you generate multiple leads and achieve a vastly higher response rate.

You will increase your brand awareness and loyalty by burning your video onto DVD and including them in your existing or prospective customer mailing lists thus building upon their experience of you and the services you can provide.

Should you be promoting your company at exhibitions or trade shows, your videos can be playing through plasma screens attracting the attention of potential clients whilst creating higher initial buyer awareness.

You can use them during presentations or play them in your office window.

Video is here. Video is inexpensive and cost effective. Video has immediate impact. Video gets you noticed. Video generates enquiries and leads. Your video is yours for life.

This is the 21st century. Video makes commercial sense. Are you in the picture now?

• On-line video creates higher initial buyer awareness, capturing the attention of tens of millions of on-line users;

• On-line video generates more referrals – people tend to share videos they watch on-line. This brings you FREE word-of-mouth advertising, you are hardly getting anywhere else on-line;

• On-line video increases Brand Loyalty and Awareness – people remember the videos they watch much more than what they read on-line or off-line;

• On-line video inspires trust and credibility – people tend to perceive better and retain knowledge of the information from the online video

• On-line video can generate you more leads – people tend to respond and take action several times more frequently, after watching on-line video presentations